English horn shaped: Var Supérieure


  • Diameter: 11.50 to 12.00mm or 12.00 to 12.50mm. Center: .68 to .70mm
  • Should you have a different center gouge preference, please email me with the gouge needed –
    no additional cost for this customized service.
  • Cane is gouged, shaped and folded. Should you prefer scored and not folded (straight shape, preserving fibers until ready for tying on staple and scraped), please let me know with order or email me oboemn.donw@gmail.com.
Shape: A B C D E
RDG 1Neh 8.00mm 7.70mm 7.00mm 5.80mm 3.60mm
RDG -1eh 8.30mm 7.70mm 7.00mm 5.90mm 3.60mm
Giacobassi 8.30mm 7.80mm 6.70mm 5.40mm 4.00mm
RDG 1eh 8.60mm 8.20mm 7.50mm 6.40mm 4.00mm


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COVID-19 Policy

All cane products are fully sanitized (hydrogen peroxide 3% undiluted dip for 30+ seconds and dried then surface exposed to UV-C light for five minutes prior to final packaging/shipping). Please email me if you would like a detailed PDF document of the sanitization processes used. oboemn.donw@gmail.com