Bass/Baritone Oboe Shaped: Var Supérieure


  • Diameter: 12.50-13.00mm or 13.00-13.50mm. Center: 0.70 to 0.72mm.
  • Shape: Hörtnagl FBO (Fassonform Bass Oboe) – Standard bass oboe shaper form. Length 93mm.
  • Shape: FBO 1N … this custom shaper is slightly narrower than the Hörtnagl FBO shaper form, and the long standing Ets. Glotin™ shaped bass oboe cane, allowing for reeds that raise the pitch a bit. Lengh 94mm.
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COVID-19 Policy

All cane products are fully sanitized (hydrogen peroxide 3% undiluted dip for 30+ seconds and dried then surface exposed to UV-C light for five minutes prior to final packaging/shipping). Please email me if you would like a detailed PDF document of the sanitization processes used.