Var Supérieure Cane Tubes: Hand selected


  • Diameter-Oboe: High Altitude Cane 9.50-10.00mm.
  • Diameter-Oboe: 10.50-11.00mm.
  • Diameter-Oboe d’amore: 11.00-11.50mm.
  • Diameter-English horn: 11.50 to 12.00mm or 12.00 to 12.50mm.
  • Diameter-Bass Oboe: 12.50-13.00mm, 13.00-13.50mm.
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Cane Type Bass/Baritone Oboe 13.00mm-13.50mm., Cane Type Bass/Baritone Oboe 12.50mm-13.00mm., Cane Type Oboe 9.50mm-10.00mm, Cane Type Oboe 10.50mm-11.00mm, Cane Type Oboe d'amore 11.00mm-11.50mm, Cane Type English horn 11.50mm-12.00mm, Cane Type English horn 12.00mm-12.50mm