Practice Cane – Oboe d’amore


  • Diameter: 11.00mm to 11.50mm
  • Gouge-center: 0.60-0.63mm
  • Shape: RDG/DAS
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Gouged, shaped and folded oboe, oboe d’amore and English horn cane that did not make it through the final selection process and may have slight irregularities or variation in color and texture. This cane is from my current product stock (farmed in the South of France-Var region, from the same fields as my professional grade cane). This cane is the right choice for beginning reed makers or those needing a lot of cane to learn tieing and scraping.

COVID-19 Policy

All cane products are fully sanitized (hydrogen peroxide 3% undiluted dip for 30+ seconds and dried then surface exposed to UV-C light for five minutes prior to final packaging/shipping). Please email me if you would like a detailed PDF document of the sanitization processes used.